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Just gotta say that your CD is the "classiest" one I own! I've listened to all the pieces, and they're truly works of art. The title number "The Hours" - breathtaking! Incredible talent.


        Larry Tully, Musician       



      Birch Creek Band via Reverbnation


Lovely music...very relaxing.

               Eva Wiget


Manfred's guitar will take you on a wonderfully rich musical journey


                     Terry O'Conner


I think [The Hours] will become one of those go-to cd's when you're looking for something gentle and interesting to back up a gathering or while preparing meals.


Ellen Augarten, Photographer



Manfred Melcher is such a talented guitarist and musician...The Hours has quickly become one of my favorite albums.


Sven Kielhorn

eTown Video


Manfred Melcher is a guitar genius...magical!


           The Luthier's Coop, on Easthampton Artwalk







Manfred's new CD is so beautiful! His level of depth and mastery of the guitar offers a fresh and updated version of new age music. It sets the tone for me when I want to get inspired to do my artwork! 


       Janna Ugone, Artist & Designer


One of the first things I couldn’t help noticing about Manfred’s music, being a guitarist myself, is the resonant beauty of his guitar tone.


Michael Diamond, Music Journalist


I'm listening to The Hours...It's beautiful!!!


          Lisa Singer, via Facebook


I wish I could play the guitar the way you play from the soul to the listener's heart.

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!







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