Film Composition
& Sound Design

My entry in the 2021 Cue Tube film scoring competition.  This is a music rescore of a clip from the animated film short "Spring."

I welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding your project. 


First and foremost, I consider the job of a sound designer and film composer to realize the filmmaker's vision.  Music and sound design are powerful tools in telling your story, and I look forward to our possible collaboration.


Please click on any of the video links below that feature some of my music placements sound design!  

My entry in the Spitfire film scoring competition, featuring their VST Albion One.  

My entry in the Abby Road film scoring competition.  This is a music rescore of a short clip from the psychological thriller "Saint Maud." 

A promotional video featuring the music from my album "The Hours."

My composition "Treetop A Cappella" featured in this lovely video "Timeless", which celebrates the town of Easthampton MA.

Again, my composition "Treetop A Cappella" featured in this video used commercially for the newly constructed lake promenade in Easthampton MA.

I was delighted to compose, record, and edit this composition for Tim Gillis's beautiful book "The Gift of Now."

Sound Design

This video is a music re-composition by Nir Perlman, who was kind enough to give me permission to use his video "The Evolution of Music in Sci-Fi films 1966-2020" to showcase my sound design work.  While it is a longer video, it is well worth watching, especially if you appreciate Sci-Fi films.  All sound design elements are mine.  Please visit Nir's YouTube channel for more of his wonderful work.

My sound design only (no music) entry in the "Horns of Hell" scoring competition!  A short film trailer showcasing my sound design efforts. Enjoy!