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Manfred Melcher

Guitarist & Composer  





My Music Background


Although born in Brooklyn, New York, I was raised in Bamberg, Germany until the age of 7 when his family returned to the New York City area.


At an early age, I started to finger-pick the guitar, composing my first instrumental at the age of 16. A few years later, I (accidentally) changed the tuning of my guitar and discovered the wonderful world of alternate tunings... thus beginning a life-long love affair with an eclectic blend of New Age influences, jazz voicings, Celtic themes, and traditional/ folk textures that create a sound that evokes echoes of a number of classic Windham Hill acoustic artists.


I play comfortably in well over 20 tunings that provide a rich canvas to paint "sonic landscapes" of lush original compositions and traditional arrangements.

A bit more About Me


Since 1999, I have worked full-time as a psychotherapist, maintaining a private practice serving adults and children. In addition to my musical pursuits, I was previously a professional actor, guest-starring on such TV shows as Seinfeld, 21-Jump Street, Reasonable Doubts, Growing Pains, Head on the Class, several After-School Specials, along with dozens of stage performances. In 2002, I wrote the book Becoming a Social Worker, Reflections of a Clinician's Transformative Journey, published by White Hat Communications. My first album, The Hours, is available for purchase.

Three Ladies

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